Sazan Ind Mfg Co.



SAZAN Ind &Mfg Group was established with previous name ,Mohresazan in 1989,with purpose of realizing technical science and  initializing technology more over production and making job vacancy in Semnan East Industrialcity.

This Industrial group has been able to manufacture more than 70 pieces of cars and lorries parts and industrial pieces with utilizing up-to-date knowledge and its specialists efforts and perseverance during its active period of time.

The list of the products is as bellow:

1-Various type of car steering column such as, Pride, Nissan, XAntia, PK, Lada, Daewoo, Pazhan, Izh, Rio, Safeer, Hyundai, and etc.

 2- C.V. joints such as Pride

 3-3-Forging parts till 500 Gr  such as Khavar Pinion flange, Peykan push rod (90% of costumer requirement )RD posh rod, OHVG posh rod and

4-Different kinds of controlling cable of cars and trucks

5-Special screws and Nuts

6-Pressing Big parts in 1000× 1500 mm and 600 mm depth such as peykan damper

7-Designing and manufacturing CNG cylinder full composite forth generation

8-Designing and manufacturing of EPS
which is honored to achieve the Invention certificate in 13/5/1387.
9-stablishing Sazan Electronic Co. with capability of producing Solar cells and Solar panels about 4mw  and LED 1w Lamps about 20000000 pieces a year

10-stablishing Semnan Khodro Co. with producing full-composite CNG Cylinder

11- Manufacturing Ball Joint of Pride  with production capacity of 300000 per year

SAZAN IND & MFG is designing all operation and making all equipments which it is necessary for manufacturing parts and also is  following Quality systems  ISO 9001 (2015),   and IATF 16949(2016).


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